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1064 nm Low Noise Laser Series

High performance CW, ultra low noise 1064 nm lasers, noise less than 1% and power up to 20 W. Housed in compact packages, are the perfect choice for design in and integration into OEM instrumentation and systems and also for end user applications in research and development.

  Fluorescence microscopy
  DNA sequency, Flow cytometry
Optical instrument
  Chip inspection
  Physics experiment Fluorescence microscopy

  Output power (mW) Noise of amplitude
M2 factor Spectral line width (nm) Data sheets
  MLL-III-1064 1~1500 <1% <1.5 (<1.2 optional) <0.2
  MLL-S-1064 1~1500 <1% <1.2 <0.2
  MLL-H-1064 2000~3000 <1% <2.0 <0.2
  MLL-N-1064 4000~5000 <1% <2.0 <0.2
  MLL-V-1064 6000~20000 <1% <2.0 <0.2
  MLL-W-1064 6000~20000 <1% <3.0 ( typically) <0.2

       Options & Accessories:

fiber coupling,CNI low noise laser,infrared laser  isolator,CNI infrared laser,low noise laser heat sink,CNI low noise laser,infrared laser
Modulation up to 1MHz Fixed SM/PM Fiber Coupling Mount for Fiber, AOM, Isolator Heatsink, TC-01

       Features of 1064 nm Laser: sample laser, SN 15051486

high stability,CNI infrared laser,low noise laser low noise laser,CNI infrared laser,1064nm laser
RMS power stability 0.26% (4 hours) RMS noise 0.58% (20Hz-20MHz)
  M square,CNI infrared laser,low noise laser beam profile,TEM00,CNI low noise laser
  M2 factor 1.15  Beam profile (TEM00)



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